Sunday Funday is a term that we girls use when we go out on a Sunday to sit outside and sip our mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, or better yet…whatever comes in a bucket to share and spend half the day chatting about whatever girls chat about! Since moving to Brevard, my girlfriends and I have been on a quest to find all of the best brunch spots! Since visiting a new farm-to-table restaurant in Viera a few weeks ago, I’ve been on the lookout for a potential brunch opportunity because I know it’s the perfect fit! I envision lazy Sunday afternoons on their back patio with the sun filtering in while we sit on the big comfy couches sipping our buckets of champs and OJ and nibbling on fresh brunch items. 28 North Gastropub does not disappoint. The visit wasn’t quite as relaxing as I had envisioned (losing that hour to daylight savings and a much-needed trip to Lowe’s was killing my mo-jo), but the french press coffee, Bloody Mary’s and the Avocado Toast were just delish! New brunch spot. Check!

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