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I moved to Brevard a few years ago with my fur baby, Macey, from Orlando and began my quest on the Space Coast to find all the little local spots for the best places to eat, drink, and play. As a newbie to Brevard, I wanted to share my fun finds with others from an authentic point of view…I love local, farm to table, restaurants with chefs that have immense culinary passion. I can also spend my day at the local dive bar sucking down oysters and beer listening to a local band. My tastes and passion for life, food, drinks, and entertainment are diverse and I look forward to sharing that with those that have a passion to ditch a Saturday flopping on the couch bugging out on Netflix and see where the day takes them! Life is short! #GetOffTheCouch.

Also note that since I started this crazy blog and Instagram and Facebook (don’t forget to follow me on these two platforms….pictures! pictures! pictures!), I have joined a local podcast all about FOOD! Check out Space Coast Eats Facebook page, all of our episodes are archived right there! We also go live each Thursday at 5PM on this page!

Enjoy our blogs and articles for:

Eat & Drink: Our favorite category and a given on what you can expect when you visit this tab on our Navbar! 🙂

Play: So, this has can be a total crapshoot! Just being honest! We love music, boating, and travel. It’s an adventure!

SCEats: I have joined forces with Jesse Hall with the Space Coast Podcast Studios as his co-host and partner in crime on the local podcast, Space Coast Eats. I am literally having a blast! I am blogging a few of our episodes, but please jump on to the Facebook page for Space Coast Eats each Thursday at 5PM as we go live with a new guest each week. It’s a fun interactive experience. You can ask our guest questions and share your thoughts on the topic at hand! What? You aren’t able to make it to our podcast? No worries, we are available anywhere you like to podcast under Space Coast Podcast, Space Coast Eats.

Otown: Anything Orlando related is going to land here! Hey, there is nothing wrong with a day trip, a staycation to check out the land with the Giant Mouse where you can always have a Magical Day, shop for days, watch Pink fly from the rafters of the Amway Center or discover brunch options with endless Mimosas.

Macey’s Picks: This is where it gets a little confusing. After living in Otown and more specifically, Winter Park. Our fur baby, Macey, has been a “have dog, will travel” kind of girl. We are equalling our quest to eat, drink, play Brevard for dog-friendly places as well! If you have a dog and want to share your fav dog spots, please share! We want to be in the know!

#GiveBack: I believe in giving back. I believe in giving back to the community, those in need and the less fortunate that one may encounter on a day to day basis. My heart is with our elderly, our forgotten elderly. Our elderly who spends days on end without a friendly smile, a hug, and they are forgotten by the ones that they loved. With that said, I look for the every day #GiveBack and hope that you do too! 🙂

Events: Sharing Events around the Space Coast that you are interested in is my goal. If you would like to submit an event, at the bottom of every page, you may submit your event. I do have the discretion to post/share the event.

Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook! where the fun never stops!

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