Not A Kennel Kind of Girl

After moving to Brevard a few years ago from Orlando, I experienced a bit of an eye-opening revelation of sorts. You see, this little dog who I named Macey after trying a few different girly girl names which just didn’t quite fit her personality, moved to Brevard County with me. She came into my life almost 4 years prior and literally changed it for the better. I wasn’t looking for her, but she was clearly looking for me. She had been my sidekick and gone everywhere with me while I was living in Orlando. We hit up Park Avenue for brunch on a Sunday morning, walked around Lake Eola on a Saturday afternoon and any restaurant or bar that had any resemblance of outside seating was “just a given” dog-friendly. She would always jump in the back of my car and I never had a second thought that I couldn’t take her out and about. I had no idea that this was not a normal part of city living everywhere, especially in Florida where you practically live outside! I completely took it for granted that I was just living in a doggie lovers eutopia! I mean, who doesn’t love dogs? Well, other than cat lovers. Right? Okay, so that was a joke. Every time I see people with their pooches, I stop and ask to see to pet them and they bring me happiness and joy…the big ones, the little ones, the chunky monkey ones, and even the little hot dog skinny yappy ones! There is just something about a dog that can put a smile on my face even when I am down and it’s been a bad day. Clearly, while I choose to believe I am in the majority, it is very difficult to find public places in Brevard that welcome my little pooch with open arms. While she is a love bug and sticks right by our sides, she is not allowed to come to many outdoor patios and establishments to hang out with us. While I respect and appreciate that, Macey is on a quest to find the best dog friendly spots in Brevard. She is not a kennel kind of girl. She is an “about town” kind of girl where she gets more belly rubs and potentially bites of hamburger from a total stranger! Join her on her blogging journey around town, on the water, and the best pet stores, and bakeries that she can find. She thinks she knows how to Google, but she isn’t quite that smart! If you see her around town, stop and say”Hi”. I also gurantee that she won’t turn down a treat either.

6 thoughts on “Not A Kennel Kind of Girl

  1. The Irish Pub and Eatery in Titusville is very dog friendly and has a monthly event to support the SPCA of Brevard called Pints and Pups!

  2. I completely agree! I left Brevard and moved to Atlanta for 5 years and was so happy to see so many dog friendly places! It’s getting better here. Send me a message and I can start sending you places to check out (Brevard resident since 1981) and blog about. πŸ™‚

  3. Hi, yes! Please send me pet friendly places in Brevard! I would love to blog about them! Macey will be so excited! No places to check out and smell! πŸ™‚

  4. Coasters on Eau Gallie by walmart beachside has nice food, and a pretty beer garden that is dog friendly.

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