How Tall Is A Leprechaun?

Have you ever wondered how tall a leprechaun is? They average about three feet tall according to Irish folklore, but this weekend they are larger than life or NOT as the celebrations around town are in full swing in Brevard County! St. Patrick’s Day is truly one of my favorites. Who doesn’t like an Irish holiday in America where men wear kilts? On tap for Saturday includes Downtown Melbourne’s very own Meg O’Malley’s Shamrockin’ Festival and St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Honestly, I meant Guinness and then the parade. Guinness for breakfast. You can’t judge because it really is the one time of year that it’s justified.

We make our way to the parade and what a fabulous turnout! My favorite part is the promo or “tease” for the Irish band, Beemo, scheduled to perform at 1:45. I now had a mission and I was marking my calendar, it was going down at 1:45! Now, what do you do after a parade and Guinness for breakfast? You eat, of course! We head to Meg O’Malley’s tent where they had a sampling of Irish goodies to jumpstart the rest of our day with fish and chips, corned beef sandwiches, chicken pot pies, and more. The corned beef sandwich was really delish! I highly recommend, 4.5/5 stars! Next lucky locale, The Main Street Pub. What I love about The Main Street Pub is their outside tropical bar accompanied by the best live music. This is why I love living in Florida near the water! And last, but definitely not least, the cocktails! I am just going to say it, I am a cocktail snob! I like fresh cocktails that are made well. If a cocktail mixture comes out of a bucket or its common practice to use Sprite in a mojito…game over!

Beemo the Band

It’s now 1:45 and Beemo the band from Orlando, is going on stage! We are headed over to check them out. This band was voted best “folk act” by Orlando Weekly and they did not disappoint. They weaved in traditional folk music with traditional, including one of my favorite U2 songs, “Where The Streets Have No Name.” I highly recommend checking out their schedule and some of their YouTube videos.

Life Is Short. Eat Irish Soda Bread

The truth is, I have never had, nor ever had a second thought about, eating Irish Soda Bread. Saturday in Downtown Melbourne, I walk by several people eating big (and I mean big), round wheels of bread. They tell me it’s Irish Soda Bread that they got from Sue Anne’s Bakery on New Haven. So, when in Rome. The Irish Soda bread was fresh out of the oven and is one of the most delicious things I have ever put in my mouth! I have a new motto, “Life is short…eat Irish Soda Bread”.

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