The Local Liquor Store

They Are The Best Kept Secrets

Let’s talk about the local liquor store, the mom and pop. You know who they are and most of them haven’t spent money on a “real” sign. A sign with their branded name, their sign just says “Liquor Store”. The local liquor store is usually located in a strip mall and they are not right next to your beloved Publix. They are the stores that have ridiculous, inexpensive hard to find liquor and wines. And you do not tell your friends. Why? because they have limited supplies and ridiculous prices. It’s your secret spot! I am not a big drinker, an alcoholic or a hard liquor aficionado! I do love a good straight up with a twist Martini and I know a good one when I have it. However, I am being educated on quality bourbons and other unique finds.

Store Picks & Small Batches

Consider this, a store pick is a small batch of bourbon privately bottled from a single barrel of bourbon whiskey selected by the proprietor. They are one-offs, they are unicorns. These can be found for brands like Elijah Craig, Heaven Hill, Buffalo Trace. While a small batch is unique even at a big box store, did you know many of your local liquor stores are able to pick and bottle from a single barrel? The Mansion at The Cellars gets small batch bourbons and whiskey. The upside at The Mansion is often Bourbon tasting events available where the small batch is available to taste.

Big Box, Not Big Discounts

Just because a big box store is big doesn’t mean it offers big discounts. I am not just referring to liquor. The prices on your upscale wines can vary significantly. For example, as I mentioned I love red wine. That is my go to! Crossbarn and Meiomi are two of my mid-level favorites. If i really want to go wild…I go for Cherry Pie! Love it! A few of the local liquor stores carry these for 30-50% difference in pricing over the big box store.

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