Crushin’ at Crush XI

I am crushin’ at Crush IX. It’s happy happy joy joy cocktail hour! The cocktail hour or happy hour is my favorite part of the day. The favorite part of the week, when it’s been a week and its only Wednesday. That’s when you grab your girlfriends and know its time for a little fun. Crush XI has an incredible list of unique cocktails that are not only fresh but stunning. I was torn between a Breakfast at Tiffany’s or an Aloha experience. What’s a girl to do? So, I had both! My Breakfast at Tiffany’s experience came in a glass flute with a whisp of sugar on the rim. It did not disappoint. After dinner, it was aloha time! I love Mai Tai’s, but am also very particular. They are typically very good or very, very bad. This Mai Tai offered a hint of peanut butter with a toasted marshmallow topping. I did not resist! When in Rome, right? The unique concoction in this tropical drink served in the fun cocktail glass was the perfect ending after dinner in this Downtown Melbourne upscale hot spot!

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