Never Underestimate the Local Dive Bar

Oysters from Slack tide

Never underestimate the local dive bar! We live on the Coast of Florida. Do you realize how lucky we truly are? We have access to both the beach and the Indian River which brings amazing water views and even cool breezes during the hottest of summer nights. I think we take these little holes in the wall joints for granted. They are a Florida staple, many offering a Jimmy Buffet “Changes in Latitudes” vibe. Are you looking for a great local dive bar? Throw those flip flops on (they aren’t fancy), jump on U.S. 1. You can not swing a dead cat without hitting one every few miles. Some of these local dive bars are just basic watering holes, but not all of them are. Some dive bars have awesome food, live entertainment, and drinks. They are a true Florida experience in fresh food, basic alcohol options and local bands bringing their game!

Dive Bar 101

Dive Bar 101: So, just because it’s a dive bar that is no excuse for bad food or warm beer, so do not compromise. You can always do a dive bar on the cheap. You can’t argue with that. If you find yourself South of Palm Bay towards Sebastian, there are plenty of dive bars to choose from as well. Slack Tide in Grant, is a sure hit! The smoker gets fired up for weekend grills with fresh Gator tenderloin and other local culinary delights! The bands are local and talented, chill out and enjoy. Keep heading South and you will hit more dive bars like Earl’s Hideaway, Tiki Bar, and many others you can’t miss. If you feel the need to check out the dive bars near Cocoa Beach, there are plenty to choose from as well. You will find yourself planning your every weekend. It will be a tough call on which dive bar you want to pull up your bar stool next, order freshly shucked oysters, a cold brew and enjoy the experience!

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