Focus On Our Community

#GiveBack Easter cups for Bethesda on Turkey Creek Assisted Living

When Eat Drink Play Brevard was in conception mode, I knew that one of the elements had to focus on our community and the people. While I want to explore everything that is super fun, delish, cool, and unique about living on the Space Coast. It was important to not ignore the people who live here, all the people who live here. As we focus on our community, we are excited that we are going to be working with Bethesda on Turkey Creek Assisted Living. Seniors will always have a very special place in my heart. Along with the staff of Bethesda on Turkey Creek. The care and love that they provided my Dad as he suffered and succumbed to Dementia will not be taken for granted. Eat Drink Play Brevard will be giving back to their residents. I strongly feel that our elderly population who has long since lost the spring in their steps have not lost that spring in their hearts. They still feel young on the inside. They still have the desire to connect, interact, build friendships, and feel loved and important to someone. The sad thing is that many don’t. They live with depression and loneliness. This Easter I made little Easter cups with goodies for each resident, with love. As Easter approaches and every day thereafter; look beyond the wrinkles, the canes, the memory lapses and love the person who is hidden inside. They have incredible stories to share and love to give. They may bless your life more than you bless theirs. #GiveBack

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