The Surprise of The Amuse- Bouche

Amuse Bouche

One of my favorite things that are very unique about some of the Space Coast’s local restaurants is the ability to surprise me with absolutely delicious amuse-bouche! What a funny French word, right? It literally means mouth amuser. An Amuse-bouche is typically served in an upscale restaurant. If you are wondering what an amuse-bouche may be. It is similar to hor d’evours. They are single bites of beautiful, unique and artful deliciousness. I love that Brevard’s local chefs are so creative and passionate about their craft that they invest their time in creating these fun little artistic bites for their guests. They are not ordered on a menu, but are complementary to guests and accompany wine or before a meal. The chef alone decides on what the amuse bouche might be and often change from one day to the next. Wondering where you too can sample a few of these goodies? I have found four restaurants who serve them. Crush X1 offers a few amuse-bouche during Happy Hour and dinner. The Dove in Downtown Melbourne always has a before and after dinner amuse-bouche which will not disappoint, guaranteed. The Fat Snook offers unique amuse-bouche nightly. I did find that at Hemingway’s, they provided a sweet amuse-bouche during brunch. Enjoy your local Chef’s culinary art, it lends to what makes dining on the Space Coast different. It is the surprise of the amuse-bouche that can elevate your dining experience.

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