How Do You Like Those Choppers?-It’s Gator Week

How do you like those choppers? We live in Florida and alligators are just a part of the daily world that we live in. This is Gator Week, May 6-11. Wild Florida in Kenansville is focusing on our alligators and not just their choppers. They are debunking the myths surrounding them while offering free admission to the Gator Park. Did I just say, “FREEEEE?” Yes, I did! This entire week there will be plenty of activities and demonstrations to keep your entire family entertained! If you want the inside scoop on those choppers, Wednesday is your day! During the “Bite Force Comparison”, you will find out just how strong an alligator’s bite really is! I won’t give all of the alligators debunked myths away, but the best one is that an alligator can’t catch you if you run zig zag! Great advice! Especially since it will take you twice as long to try to outrun one! All kidding aside, Wild Florida’s mission is quite clear. Over the last few years, Wild Florida has been an authentic contributor to our natural environment. They have provided relief to those affected by natural disasters. They are committed to education and conservation of our Florida wildlife. Have a great Gator Week, it’s a great way to play in Brevard!

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