I’m So Fancy

The Chef's Table Filet Mignon Sliders

I am not typically a bar food girl. I like really good cocktails, wine with legs, and food to well…yummy enough to blog about! Yes, I’m so fancy! And the Chef’s Table in Suntree is my new fancy girl’s night out, happy hour, get your cocktail on girlfriend, happy place. I am not afraid to say it loud and proud! I’m so fancy and the bar at The Chef’s Table and the new Wine Cellar next door both owned by Amici’s, Chef David and Valentina Dashi is the ticket.

Happy Hour at The Chef’s Table

It’s girl’s night out and we are going to catch up during happy hour at The Chef’s Table bar. It’s wine-down Wednesday, the best day to take a break in the week. The Chef’s Table truly offers some fabulous little cocktails and fine wines, but the bar menu is not so ordinary. I had been eyeing these filet sliders for over a year! This is the truth. I saw this is my opportunity and they did not disappoint! Absolute top notch quality. The bar is quite popular and reservations are recommended and accepted. The bartenders are on point, they are polite, and the owners are present! Woot! Woot! Now to check out The Wine Cellar!

Vino With Legs

The Wine Cellar next door offers vino with legs and oh so much more! The Wine Cellar is a true wine bar reminiscent of Napa. The pricepoint options are full circle and reasonable. Buying a bottle to share is the most affordable. The wines are small production, boutique wines. As most girlfriends do when on a girls night out, we shared the charcuterie board. Why? Because when in Rome! Our expectation was a little cheese, a little meat, and a little bread. We clearly got more than we expected and more than we could possibly eat! Corked our bottle, boxed our extras and checked off another fabulous Girl’s Night Out! We will be back for another night of vino with legs!

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