Staycation: Vero Beach

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Let’s talk staycation: Vero Beach. It’s almost that time of year again! The time of year when the kids start whining, “I’m bored”. Who are you? Julie, the cruise director from “The Love Boat”? Do you remember that show? She made sure that everyone was entertained. That is hard work! I recommend two options, creating a chore jar to help with the boredom and planning a staycation! Let’s talk Vero Beach as a beachside option. While it’s only a day trip down the road, planning at least one hotel night stay provides relaxation and family time that you just don’t get from a day trip! Splurge! They are worth it!

Eat Drink Play Vero Beach

Why eat, drink, play in Vero Beach for your next weekend staycation? There are a few hotels including the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites. It’s on the beach and is very affordable and clean. It’s located right next to Mulligan’s which offers tiki style dining, cocktails, and live music right on the beach. You can even wear your bathing suit and your flips, sip on your pina colada while you enjoy a Buffet jam live on acoustic guitar. If you prefer an adult Miami vibe, the poolside bar at Costa d’Este Beach Resort, and Spa. It will fit the bill and the view is amazing! The downtown Vero Beach eateries, ice cream shops, and coffee spots are very local and only footsteps away from the sand and sea. Staycation’s are always a great option to long road trips or expensive plane rides. Check out all of the cool things offered around you. Eat, drink, and play in Vero Beach.

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