Life Is Better On A Boat

Life is better on a boat. boating on the intracoastal

Life is better on a boat. That’s what they say. It’s because the wind is in your hair. The boat jams let you sing your heart out and no one cares. It doesn’t matter whether you rock it to 80’s, Pop, or need a little Margaritaville vibe. You feel totally free on a boat! Close your eyes and you are relaxed, no worries! Life is better on a boat and there is no denying that it’s super fun! Getting the bags and the boat packed with “Boat” snacks like Pringles and cherries are my “go-to’s”. Do not forget the beer. If you do, you know you are in trouble! You can cruise the Intracoastal, brave the Inlet’s to visit the sea turtles or pull up for a cool beverage at Captain Hiram’s. All of this sounds amazing, but owning a boat is not an option for everyone. Ah-ha, I have options!


Life is better on a boat, but it can also be very expensive. While we all live a stone’s throw away from the Intracoastal and the Inlet’s, owning a boat is not an affordable option for everyone.. There are a few options to get the most of your coastal living. There are quite a few boat rentals and boat clubs in Brevard County, like 321Boat. They offer rental options or the option to join their Boat Club. The Boat Club has different levels whether you want to have full boat access, weekday boating, or morning boating. Each level has different price points with buy-in and monthly fees. Now let’s talk benefits of renting or boat club vs. owning your own boat. Would you enjoy cleaning and maintaining a boat? Not so much? Well, that settles that. Cleaning and boat maintenance can be a money pit and very time consuming after the fun in the sun is long over. Living on the Intracoastal allows us such a great opportunity to play on the water. On a beautiful Florida day, don’t forget that you have options. Grab your bathing suit, pack your Pringles and head out to play! Life really is better on a boat!

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