French Crepes Shmepes

French Crepe Savory

French Crepes Shmepes, that’s what I say and they are delicious! They are completely underrated. So, if you have not put one of these delectable babies in your pie hole then make it a mission. I did. Here is a little 411 on the French Crepe. They are very thin pancakes with a variety of fillings. There are two types of crepes: sweet and savory. They can be very simple with only sugar to more elaborate. There are only a few ingredients to the French crepe itself: flour, milk, and eggs. Crepes are a French food if the name didn’t give it away. Our own Downtown Melbourne, La Crepe de France, has a definite French bistro vibe. While the vibe and decor meet the expectations of a French bistro, the food will make your mouth water.

Sweet & Savory

On a whim, my girlfriend and I checked out Le Crepe de France for lunch. They offer breakfast, brunch, and lunch. Why not try something new? I chose a savory roast beef crepe, The Rodeo, stuffed with cheese and mixed greens with a gorgonzola sauce topping (on the side). My girlfriend chose a sweet crepe, dusted with sugar and a side of eggs and bacon. I was apprehensive about a savory crepe, but went for it! A “pancake” with roast beef was foreign to me. I should not have been. After leaving, I could not stop talking about how delish that savory crepe was! It’s official, mimosas and brunch are on! Brunch is my favorite meal of the week ask anyone who knows me. #SundayFunday brunch with Mimosas and crepe sharing is the way to go! You can’t argue with that! Bon appetit!

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  1. They also serve the most amazing french toast but last I checked it’s only available on Sundays. You should check it out!

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