Just Plain Elevated

28 North Gastrobar Burger

Watch out Melbourne, there is a new Chef in town and he is kicking it up a notch in creativity! I am proud to report that the menu and cocktails are just plain elevated! If you watch any cooking shows on television, you know that this is a term for taking a traditional dish and taking it up a few creative notches. While in Viera, my girlfriend and I stopped in for a quick drink and a bite at 28 North Gastropub. So, what is a Gastropub you ask? It’s not just a buzzword. Gastropub’s have been growing in popularity with foodies and locals looking for just a plain elevated dining and drinking experience across many metropolitan cities. A Gastropub redefines the way one may experience a traditional dish in turn making the food an elevated experience. Many Gastropub’s such as 28 North look to source their ingredients locally.

Belly Up To The Bar

As most girls do on a mid-week night out, we decided to “belly up to the bar”. Our plan is to catch up on each other’s lives, have a drink, and split something not super healthy. You know how it is, it’s less calories if you split. While the menu at 28 North Gastropub is a perfect size and quite eclectic, we opted for the B.A.B. This is their burger which has no description because it changes and is no ordinary burger. Remember, it’s just plain elevated. The Chef is creative with a knack for putting together flavor profiles that go well together. In turn, our dining experience became part of the conversation. Yes, we talked food. In an effort to balance out a burger with a healthier option, we skipped the fries. We get a little kick of spice with the compressed cucumbers instead. Our decision to “belly up to the bar” paid off. Our bartenders’ knowledge of the menu in detail impressed! Make this a must do on your next date night or GNO. Oh, I almost forgot! They have brunch! No skipping the most important meal of the week! (Please note as April 2020, contact 28North Gastropub for specific family meals available and their sister restaurant The Pizza Gallery & Grill for take out and curbside)

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