Melbourne’s Hidden Gem

This is a true story. I drove by and I walked by, I drove by and I walked by, I drove by and I….. you get the picture, The Shoppes on Strawbridge. I had to check out potentially one of Melbourne’s hidden gems, but was it? Downtown Melbourne is changing so quickly. In a blink on an eye there new cool shops, boutiques and dining options. Little Downtown Melbourne is transforming before our eyes. While all of this is exciting, I had no idea that I would stumble on art gallery after art gallery of eclectic art, but I did. There are several different small galleries with fun and funky pieces. They reminded me of cool stuff that I have seen when traveling bigger cities with funky art districts on the outskirts of town like like Nashville and Austin. There are also several larger galleries with multiple artists that are a part of The Strawbridge Art League. I have stumbled on Melbourne’s hidden gem, at least for me!

@The Gallery

At the galleries in the Shoppes on Strawbridge, they have a lot going on! I strolled through the gallery and could not stop admiring all of the different styles of artwork and sheer talent hanging on the walls. How did I not know that this amazing little corridor was back here oozing local talent? The calendar is full of activities, events, and gallery exhibits. They are also quite a creative bunch with a spirit to connect with Harry Potter fans! As Melbourne Mainstreet looks to create a Halloween experience in Downtown, what a better street to recreate Diagon Alley? The Strawbridge Art League & Gallery is also putting together a vision for what is to come in 2020. They will return to their current standing with the Foosaner Art Museum. If you visit the gallery on Saturday’s from noon to 6, there are live artist exhibits. Who knew that Downtown Melbourne was this cool? We do now!

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