Can you imagine exploring the Indian River up close and personal? Would you like to wander out and find the nooks and crannies, check out the islands and wander down the marshy canals? Loads of manatee, dolphins, stingray, fish of all kinds, and even the occasional alligator are in the river and canals. Living on the Space Coast running along side the Indian River with the inlets to the wide open East Coast and beaches are something that many people would envy. The concrete jungles of the strip malls can be found anywhere, but we are blessed to have this amazing river of animal and vegetation life along our entire coastline. Why not take the time to wander out and explore it?

Lucky Us!

Lucky us! While we hosted a rather large 4th of July party and Wanderout Brevard dropped by. Their generosity for our guests was amazing! They dropped off not one, not two, but three of their amazing Vibe kayaks. Wanderout Brevard includes everything needed for a day on the river. While the water was a bit rough, it didn’t deter our guests from launching a few kayaks even with a dog. These Vibe kayaks are super stable! Great memories to be had with such an experience! They even got a few photos thru the water proof packs that came with the kayaks! Check them out! The kayaks are so cool, they have detachable seats for island chilling. How cool is that? I cannot thank Wanderout Brevard for their hospitality and awesomeness! Wanderout Brevard delivers kayaks and everything needed for a kayaking adventure with their high touch concierge service! The next time you feel the need to #GetOffTheCouch , you might want to #Wanderout! 🙂

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