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Crafty Crane Charcutrie Board

Pull up your bar stool in this quaint, welcoming, off the beaten path in Downtown Melbourne bar and eatery. You will find beer, wine, & boards at The Crafty Crane. The large authentic barrel seats, wood slat walls, and chalkboard listing their beer, wine, and boards available bring cozy to an all new level. The Crafty Crane is new to Downtown Melbourne. While only open a short time they bring quality craft beer, wine, champagne and boards with great sophistication to Downtown. The selection of beer available is on tap and by the bottle. They primarily serve local from Florida breweries. However, the wine and champs are perfect for pairing with charcuterie boards of all kinds. Muy bueno!

A Saturday Afternoon

A Saturday afternoon at The Crafty Crane is time well spent with a glass of Foxglove Cabernet Sauvignon and the wild card charcuterie board. What is the wild card board? My fun way of throwing caution to the wind in choosing the Chef’s selection. The Chef’s selection comes with 3 different types of fine meat and artisanal cheeses. Our favorites include the sweet and spicy salami and prosciutto. The board is accompanied by a variety of delectable accouterments. Much love to the marinated olives, guava jelly, organic honey, pickles, and spicy mustard. While soaking up the summer Saturday afternoon sipping wine, enjoying our delectable charcuterie board the couple next to us announced their engagement. How did we miss the proposal? A champagne celebration and cheers to the young couple! Time well spent is time well spent at The Crafty Crane. As this newly inspired addition to Downtown Melbourne flourishes they too will be adding exciting different events to their calendar. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a Saturday afternoon sharing a board, drinking a glass of perfectly paired wine with someone you want to spend time with.

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