Oh, Schnitzel!

Edelweiss Schnitzel

Oh, schnitzel! It’s comfort food at it’s finest! Edelweiss is a quaint, family- owned authentic Austrian and German restaraunt. The Austrian Chef sings while wearing lederhosen. The restaurant itself is small with gobs of character. Walking thru the door of Edelweiss is as if you walked into a pub in Germany. Planning is a must, they are only open Wednesday thru Saturday 4-9. Oh, schnitzel! The Austrian Chef in lederhosen runs a tight ship in his kitchen, hence the flawless health inspections. His passion for his food is quite evident. Let’s chat desert first…mango, cherry, apple strudel. The mango is fresh off the Chef’s tree in his yard. He will happily tell you the story of his frustration with mango overload as your eyes roll into the back of your head as you sink your teeth into this pastry. The adventure continues with the schnitzel!

No Anchovies!

No anchovies on my Schnitzel Holstein, please. A Schnitzel Holstein is hand pounded pork loin cutlets topped with two eggs sunny side up and capers, and anchovies. There is clearly enough to share, but this schnitzel with no anchovies makes for a great “leftover” breakfast in the morning. Just a side note I would like to make! Every dish has side options like the traditional potato pancakes, spaetzle, red cabbage, sauerkraut, pretzel, and more. I must admit, I am holding out for a nice cold and rainy day to try the Fritatten. The Frittaten is a potato pancake soup served with apple sauce and sour cream. While the traditional menu is quite authentic and true to the its roots, the wine and beer selection both bodes straight from the motherland. While Edelweiss meets every check mark, it is a true local experience.

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  1. Hi Vern, It is in the article, Edelweiss. If you click on the highlight of the restaurant it will take you right to their website and all of their information. I hope that you have the opportunity to enjoy their food! Thanks for reading!

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