Old School Chinese

Yen Yen's Chicken Shelly

So, truth be told, I need to be really be in the mood for Chinese food. I am also super picky about where I go to get it. I had heard this rumor that in Cocoa Beach there is a fabulous old school Chinese restaurant. White table cloths, servers in black ties, family style of well made Chinese traditional cuisine is what makes Yen Yen a great old school Chinese Restaurant. This is also the sister restaurant of our “go to” in Suntree, Tely’s Chinese Restaurant. Yen Yen’s was initially established in Brooklyn, New York nearly 23 years ago. The votes are in year after year for best “Asian Restaurant in Brevard County” and Yen Yen has taken the gold. This old school Chinese restaurant has got it right on consistency and tradition.

A rainy Saturday date night at Yen Yen’s old school Chinese restaurant equals comfort food. Steamed dumplings, traditional pork fried rice. and Shelly Chicken family style, it’s what’s for dinner. Shelly chicken is crispy, stir-fried chicken strips with carrots and celery in a slightly sweet sauce. The Shelly chicken is named after a customer in Brooklyn. Fried rice is one of my favorite comfort Chinese foods. The choices for fried rice go way beyond the traditional fried rice. Just for example, they offer Pineapple Fried rice, Jasmine Fried rice, Curried Fried rice, and Young Chow Fried rice. What is Young Chow Fried Rice, you ask? It is made with shrimp, chicken, and ham. The Combo Fried rice while in name alone sounds “uneventful”, it has all of this yumminess….shrimp, scallops, roast pork, chicken, broccoli, with crushed ginger. When so many cool culinary options await you, when in Rome!

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