Tea For Two

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Tea for Two at the House of Pastel is quite the girly experience. It’s pink on pink on pink! Afternoon tea for two with my out of town Aunt Kathi is something that I am so excited about! What girl does not have visions of tea with little sandwiches, macaroons, and pastries? This girl loves this stuff! I used to take my daughter and my Mom during the holidays to tea houses. It just brought back so many memories of that special tradition. Now that my Mom is no longer with us and my daughter lives in another state, when my Aunt came to town I knew she would be my sidekick. The hot tea and delectable macaroons kept me coming into the House of Pastel for the last year so I knew that my expectations of perfections were sure to be met!

The tea cart is spectacular with a gold teapot filled to the brim with hot delicious tea for pouring into heart-shaped little teacups. These teacups are the sweetest! Do not forget the honey! We started at the bottom tier with a cucumber tea sandwich. Then worked our way down to the chicken salad with grapes finger sandwich. The middle tier has hand-dipped dark chocolate strawberries with a splash of gold! They are not only absolutely delicious, but they are gorgeous all on their own! We also sunk our teeth into pastries with incredible layers of sweetness and softness. The top-tiered poppy seed mini muffins with creme cheese frosting topped with a candied carrot garnish are my Aunt’s favorite! The comforts that a cup of tea, a few pastries and a room full of pastels cannot be measured without experiencing it with your best gal pal.

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