Saturday Vibes

Are you looking for some great Saturday vibes? Kick-off your weekday heels and untie those ties? Hello, I have got the spot for you! We recently spent a lazy Saturday afternoon chillin’ like villain’s in the outside tiki bar in Downtown Melbourne’s Mainstreet Pub. We thought we would just grab a quick bite late and a cocktail in the afternoon after running errands. I had been here for lunch and the food is super fresh with healthier options and really delish! We also know that when looking for Saturday vibes, we need really good fresh drinks and that tiki bar atmosphere is perfecto. Check and check both of those boxes! Mainstreet Pub has a reputation for really great cocktails, so our Saturday vibes with a quick bite and a great cocktail is set…or so we thought!

Let this Saturday kick it up a notch! Just as we thought our chillin’ like villains mode was set, a DJ started setting up. We took our time munching on our main’s to see what “Music Moods with Miranda” had in store. The Roast Beef Press has Provolone cheese and their famous roast beef melted and pressed between a hoagie roll. Yum! We also had ground chicken tacos. Check out the fresh sides like watermelon and macaroni salad! Do not get me wrong, those tots look amazing too!! As we ate our last bite, we kicked back and truly enjoyed this local talent. She was so much fun to listen to. Sometimes grabbing a drink and a bite to eat on a Saturday afternoon can turn into a Saturday vibe experience with a few notes from a girl with a guitar. Support local talent! Check out the different events in your local restaurants and eateries!

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