Happy Hour Crush

Crush Eleven Happy Hour

Do you ever walk into a little place for happy hour, sit at the bar and know it’s just going to be a great experience? You feel that little bubbly of excitement that your girls night is going to be surprising. I have a happy hour crush! The best news is, you can too! The marble slab bar, chic design with cozy seating are all reasons to check out Crush XI in the first place. The friendly and incredibly knowledgeable bartenders are the second! The third reason to pull up a barstool is by far the best! The cocktails are fresh, delicious and happy hour priced! The small bites are right on par with perfection and perfect for sharing! But we mixed it up on our menu selections to get a great variety. Check it out, we didn’t just stick to the happy hour menu and still spent about the same amount of money.

Cocktails and Small Bites

Time for a cocktail! Let’s try the Cucumber Lemon Gin Tonic! This cocktail is not sweet with the perfect hint of cucumber and rosemary. You cannot go wrong with this cocktail! My happy hour crush is happening! Truth be told, my friend and myself were starving. So, while the small bites sounded quite yummy…we needed a few! We actually shared a Baby Gem Wedge Salad off the Main menu to start. Who doesn’t need a little greens? While Brussel sprouts were not something I would eat as a kid, Crush XI totally crushes them. They are not ordinary sprouts, they are served with kielbasa, cipollinis, pickled green apples, and bleu cheese. We also added the happy hour small bites, Kielbasa and mustard. We ordered this plate of delish because, in all honesty, you could smell it cooking! I am totally crushin’ on this happy hour! It was one for the records!

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