Holy Flambe’!

La Crave Cafe flambe crepe

Holy flambe’! I stopped into a place that I had never been before planning on grabbing a hot cup of tea to go and then on with the rest of my day. I walked into the door of this unassuming cafe right off of US1, La Crave Cafe in Suntree. Picture this! You walk into a warm, inviting, high-end decor cafe’ and you just want to spend a little time. As I perused the unique menu selections, my plans changed. I noticed really cool hot tea and coffee options like Vietnamese, Cuban, lattes and frozen coffees and so much more. Copping a squat to check out a few of these was a no brainer. I started craving a little something sweet when I saw the crazy selection of sweet crepes which was perfect for a late afternoon snack. These thin pancakes with different toppings and fillings can be so diverse and a special treat for a variety of palettes! Eeeny, meanie, miney, moe, which to choose? Let’s go with a flambe’ crepe! Light it up, baby!

Sweet Crepe and Hot Tea

As I sat down, I decided to order a pot of hot tea. Truth be told, they have 24 hot tea leaf’s by the pot to choose from. Big decisions! I went with decaf because it was so late in the day, French Lemon Ginger. It was perfect with a spot of honey. Now I had to choose the perfect crepe pairing. While there were so many to choose from, I wanted something simple and something they set on fire! Half the fun is the flambe’ with the hint of Grand Marnier. The Le Crave staff came out with my crepe of choice, brown sugar with Grand Marnier, and flambe’d tableside. Let’s be real, half the fun is the tableside presentation. This delicate little thin pancake brushed with Grand Marier and cinnamon, flambe’ with a pot of French Lemon Ginger hot tea makes for an unexpected afternoon of culinary delight! Crepes are such a treat, any opportunity to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dessert and I am all in.

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