Giving Back: Colossal Cookies, Colossal Hearts

Nin Nin's Farmhouse storefront

The last several weeks have been quite the roller coaster for us here on the Space Coast, am I right? Our preparation for a potential direct hit from a Category 4 hurricane began massive preparation. We stocked up on supplies, snacks for days just to wait for the hurricane that equated to not much more than a big afternoon storm in the Sunshine State. I have also heard the term, “we dodged a bullet” and that we did, my friends! Unfortunately, our island neighbors were not so lucky. The Bahamas suffered tremendously for hours. Many of them lost loved ones, hearth, and home. They look around them and see nothing but devastation and probably wonder if there is life after Dorian. Our amazing friends with the most delicious colossal cookies also have colossal hearts!

Nin Nin’s Farmhouse Bakery quickly joined forces with Alluvionic Inc in a team effort to get supplies quickly to the Grand Cay Abacos Islands. Nin Nin’s Bakery began pushing out through their social media that they would be accepting donations at their location. They notated what to bring and what not to bring. This coordinated effort included boat and air delivery of supplies nearly daily. We took our own bag of donations up on Saturday morning just as they were loading the truck for a delivery that day. At Eat Drink Play Brevard, we believe it’s important to give back where your heartstrings tug. The recovery in the Bahamas is going to be a marathon and not a sprint, continue to keep donations coming if that is where your heartstrings tug. If you would like to find out more about this particular drop off location, please contact Nin Nin’s Farmhouse Bakery and do not forget your colossal cookie before you shut the front door! #GiveBack

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