Soup For Days!!

Fall is in the air! Okay, not really! We live in Florida and we still have a little more time before we actually feel that little nip of Fall. I don’t know about you, but I often just really want a really good bowl of soup for the soul. The question is, where do you get a really good bowl of soup on the fly? It’s that comfort food that you put in your mug and it’s the perfect meal. Did you know that we have a place that puts the Seinfeld Soup Nazi to shame in Suntree? Now, I say this in jest because the staff is fabulous, but the soup is delectable and the selection is “soup for days”! In my quest for a hearty bowl of chili to be exact, I stumbled upon The Soup Shop.

The Soup Shop has a wide variety of soup offerings. Ordering a hot cup or bowl of soup and a sandwich is an option for instant gratification. They also offer fresh and frozen soups to grab and go in different sizes. I decided to try a few different soups. I grabbed the hot chili with an egg salad sammy on the side for dinner. The perfect happy place for me! I also got the chicken noodle soup for the fridge and the white chicken chili frozen for later. It didn’t take long before both of these soups disappeared from my refrigerator! Homemade soup right out of the refrigerator is such a great idea and very 2019! As I am looking forward to many more visits this fall, I hope to see some delicious pumpkin soups on the menu! A girl can dream!

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