Tomahawk Sized Birthday!

Fat Snook Tomahawk Steak

When heading out the door, I had no idea where we were going to celebrate my 25th birthday (clears throat). Destination birthday dinner was a surprise. I did know that I had on hot red heels and we had reservations in the middle of the week. These are all good signs. As we pulled into the parking lot of The Fat Snook, I was excited because this is definitely one of my local favorite restaurants. The Chef in this kitchen has talent, pure and simple. First up, I don’t know about you, but a bottle of wine to kick off the celebration is quite the no brainer! The Davis Bynum Pinot Noir is muy bien and will make a perfect pairing for our soon to be menu selections.

The menu at the Fat Snook is never the same which is what I absolutely love about it. There is passion and creativity behind every dish. We started with the Grilled Oysters in habanero butter, cilantro, with grilled limes. These were the first cooked oysters that I have ever had and the flavor was incredible. Next stop on our culinary journey, the Caribbean cornbread. This is made with pineapple, sweet butter, and sea salt and arrived at our table in a skillet, warm, and crisp. The main course has been on my food bucket list for some time. The Tomahawk steak, ta-dah! It was on like donkey kong! I could not wait to take down this monster-sized wahoo coffee-rubbed ribeye bad boy! The rub and the grill was perfection. Wrapping up the night with a mango cobbler and banana ice cream makes for one happy birthday chick. Thank you Fat Snook for making my day extra special.

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