Hand Rolls, Soup, & Sake!

Irashiai 2 Hand roll Sushi

Hand rolls, soup & Sake! After a long week of work, a little comfort food is just the ticket. Maybe some sushi, soup, sake, edamame, ramen and more to share? Why not give one of our favorite Friday night spots a call to make sure they can get us in for a last-minute reservation? Not that it’s fancy, but it’s small and they are popular because it’s quite yummy! Irashiai2 Japanese Bistro knows us and we get a hug when we come in the door. We love them too, but we go for the food! The super fresh “dealer’s choice” sushi, the authentic ramen with “hell sauce”, Gyoza soup, and the Sake are a few of our favs! Going to a Japanese restaurant is probably the only time that we have hot sake, but it’s a no brainer for us. It puts the bow on the entire Asian dining experience. And then we share the rest!

We always order a “dealer’s choice” sushi when we come to Irashiai 2 Japanese Bistro. We are never disappointed and we are always surprised by the beautiful and delectable choices that the sushi Chef creates! This time he made hand rolls with yellowtail wrapped in seaweed. I almost always get the Gyoza soup in the big crock mug. I just love the mug! The soup is warm, it’s flavorful and it is really filling. Throw in a salad and you could call this a meal. We had never tried the Niku Carpaccio which is thinly sliced seared beef, topped with spicy cream sauce torched, scallions, and spicy Ponzu. It did not disappoint and a do-over is ahead! If you are looking for tried and true Japanese ramen, they have it. Our favorite is the Tonkotsu, which is pork bone broth, ramen noodles (extra noodles), pork belly, Kani, nori, mushrooms, scallions, veggies, boiled egg with a side of “hell sauce”. We love this little gem in Palm Bay, but don’t forget to make that reservation!

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