Lunch Date with Pam & Jim

Bearded Chef Menu Tacos

Lunch date with Pam & Jim? Okay, so my title is defintely overdelivering on the experience of this post. While the food is amazing you will not be dining with Pam and Jim from The Office! However, The Breakroom, does sport a “Pam & Jim’s First Date” ooey gooey grilled cheese sammy. It’s made with nueskes bacon, smoked gouda, shaved granny smith apples on buttered Texas toast and then pressed. We stopped in for a few quick bites at the Bearded Chef’s new brick and mortar location. It’s in Palm Bay located near Harris. Forever impressed, are we! We have always been in awe at the quality and creative food that Brandon, the Bearded Chef, has been able to provide from his well-known food truck. The new location makes me do a happy dance, it is literally 5 minutes from my house!

The menu options are all handcrafted and unique in flavors from not so ordinary sammy’s, ramen, and tacos. The bread is baked fresh daily from Downtown Melbourne’s own Jacqueline’s Bakery. There are also quite a few vegan options. Even a landlubber would be more than happy to sink their teeth into! We tried the “Hahn-Solo” sandwich which is their take on the Banh-Mi. This is a housemade chashu, pickled Daikon and carrots, cilantro, mint, serrano, smoked chili and shoyu mayo on a baguette. The Breakroom is a great place to stop in and grab a to-go order, it is located right off of Palm Bay Rd. They also have outdoor eating located in the back. Please remember that The Breakroom is a lunch-only, their hours are 11-3, Monday through Friday. Stop in, grab a bite for an out of the ordinary lunch experience!

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