Cocktails For A Cause

Being thankful for the blessings in one’s life no matter how small or large can be a challenge for some people. I believe if you continue to see, I mean really see those who are less fortunate both in life circumstance, health and finances you will find joy in your life. You will find joy in taking a minute in time to show a bit of kindness. As the holidays are here in full swing, there are so many opportunities to give back and have a little holiday fun while doing it! Mainstreet Pub and Jim Beam hosted Cocktails For A Cause this weekend. A Bourbon Tasting in their bar upstairs. Truth be told, I am not a big bourbon drinker. But I live with one who likes a very fine bourbon and is well schooled on the liquor. But I am always one to join in the fun, especially for a good cause. All of the proceeds of Cocktails For A Cause went to a local charity, Kids Without Christmas.

As I mentioned, I am not a big Bourbon drinker. So, please do not take this blog post as a suggestion from a bourbon aficionado. However, our first round of Basil Hayden’s line I did find a few that were smooth as silk. The Basil Hayden’s Dark Rye was full of flavor on the back of the tongue and was quite the sipper! Is that a thing? I also really enjoyed the Manhattan which I had actually never tried. This is what is so great about tastings, no big commitment. Now I know that if I get the chance to order a Manhattan while in Manhattan, it will be for the cocktail and not just because I think it’s very cool.

While this was such a great night of fun in our little Downtown Melbourne catching up with friends, getting the down and dirty details on each of our tastings it was about making sure a very local charity had a little extra cha ching this holiday season. If you are interested in giving or more information in Kids Without Christmas, you can email them at We are also huge fans of the Mainstreet Pub’s food, excellent craft cocktails, and the jams in their outdoor tiki bar. The fact that they gave all of the proceeds to this event is superb! #GiveBack this holiday season and all year long!

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