No Swill! Cheers to the Good Stuff!

Cheers to the good stuff, no more swill! “Shorty” gave us the inside scoop on a little Repeal Day celebration in Downtown Melbourne. The end of Prohibition must be celebrated! Just think without this day in history, you would still be dropping those secret passwords, sneaking through back alley ways and drinking the wretched stuff! Crush XI knows how to throw one amazing Repeal Day party with secret passwords, handcrafted cocktails (with the good stuff), a burlesque show (clears throat) and classic hors d’oeuvors. On December 5th 1933, it was cheers to the good stuff and no more swill! We celebrated in Downtown Melbourne, 1933 style!

When we got to the party, Crush XI entry was quite the “Flower Shop” and of course our password was required. SSSHH…my lips are sealed. I would not even tell Shorty! We started off our evening with a ridiculously yummy “Repeal Day” welcome celebratory cocktails which consisted of gin, champs and apricot! They were sweet, but not really. They were perfect! I also give super hi-five kudos to the massive and impressive charcuterie board, my friends! The prosciutto wrapped granny smith apples, awesome combo! I tried my first Shoo Fly Pie and Roadkill SOS. So, the Roadkill SOS was not so amazing in name, but pretty amazing in flavor! It is a “chipped beef” and gravy served on a toast small bite. We are at Crush XI, so as you may expect it was not your average chipped beef and gravy. We topped off our night with a few games and a pretty incredible burlesque show! Even Shorty blushed! I must say, I am always crushin’ at Crush IX!

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