Bourbon and Brew

A little combo of bourbon and brew in one building? Yes! It exists in Winter Park. For Christmas this year, one of my gifts to a true die hard bourbon aficionado was a tour to a brewstillery right here in Florida! I didn’t even know that we made bourbon. What is a brewstillery? So glad that you asked! The Winter Park Distillery has two connected, but separate areas due to legal reasons. Did you know that you can’t brew brew and distill bourbon in the same building? Therefore, one side is the brewery where you can sit, play board games and enjoy the cold brew. The other side is the distillery where spirits of bourbon, vodka, rum, and tequila are created and sold. You are able to buy some of these fine spirits in local stores such as Publix.

Inside of A Barrel

The bourbon and brew tour started off with our early arrival to the bar. We decided to enjoy a cold brew. The bar itself was kind of cool. It had a slight curve mimicking the inside of a barrel. We started our tour off on the brewery side which is located in the bar itself (I think this is kind of cool too). We then made our way to the spirit side for tasting and learning about the process of making bourbon, vodka, and tequila in Florida. I won’t give away all of the secrets of bourbon making in Florida, you should definitely book a tour! But our climate in Florida is great for Bourbon making. There you go, I did share a little something. They also offer, for a small fee, your own opportunity to make a small batch of bourbon which you can later retrieve when it is ready! I will share my favorite tasting of the day, Bear Gully Classic Bonfire Bourbon. It was smooth with a hint of smoke. This is a fun little tour in a beautiful area of Winter Park, something fun to do!

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