Deviled Eggs & Millionaires Bacon

Oh yes, I said bacon! Not just any old bacon, but millionaires! It proudly flaunts this name as it is well deserved. It is thick, crispy, and caramelized with the perfect amount of brown sugar. These incredible bites are served with deviled eggs even your Mama would approve. Now, truth be told, I have traveled a lot over the holidays for both work and pleasure. This is not quite in the Space Coast food DMA, but we share a waterway and an amazing view right down the road in Palm Beach Gardens at The River House. It is a must experience both in food, flavor, and atmosphere! My Aunt enjoyed the lunch filet mignon, blue cheese wedge, and gorgeous little vine ripe tomatoes. She gave this a two thumbs up while I would highly recommend the tempura shrimp tacos with a hint of sweet chili aoili. Did I mention the view and the Tiki bar? It has a fabulous water view with yacht after yacht toodling by! While you may have to have a million bucks to own one of those yachts, you don’t need a million to enjoy this tiki bar or the millionaire bacon!

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