Tiki Drinks, Sunsets, & Seafood

Tiki drinks, sunsets, and seafood, but not always in that order, is what attracts people to the water. It’s why people move to Florida, it’s the lifestyle. It’s the feeling of being on vacation, decompression, and happiness that can take over one’s whole sense of self. Good news! You don’t have to go on vacation to experience all of these in one place. As the unofficial heart of Cocoa Beach, the Cocoa Beach Pier has become something quite unique and a destination in eating, drinking, and playing! We totally discovered this on a our Saturday night that totally turned into an epic adventure of fun! Check this out!

Riki Tiki Drinks & A Sneak Peek

Walking down the pier, the sun was shining, the ocean waves were crashing, and I could not believe how lucky we are to be here and experience this in our own backyard. Incredible 360 views! We headed out to the Riki Tiki Tavern. This incredible Tiki bar is located at the very end of an 800 foot pier where we had a few drinks. Sipping on super fresh Mojitos in a Tiki glasses that scream “Aloha” is not a shabby way to spend a Saturday night. We were also very lucky to chomp on a “sneak peek” appetizer. So, let me tell you about this sneak peek dealio!
It’s no secret that several of the best Cocoa Beach restaurants find their home atop the pier. There will soon be a new addition! A concept like no other. Super fresh seafood by the pound will be served to order with house-made sauces. We sampled the mussels and clams in a Cajun and butter sauce. This sauce….I will dream about this sauce! And truth be told, I am not normally a big Cajun flavor girl, but balance of flavors was on point!

Pelican’s Bar & Grill

After our Tiki bar happy hour 600 feet in the middle of the Atlantic, we headed into the Pelican’s Bar & Grill for dinner, drinks, and a frozen chocolate banana with sprinkles (I have been excited for this beach treat tradition all day!). Pelican’s Bar & Grill also sits right on top of the Atlantic at the other end of the Pier offering amazing views from every angle! Once again, we were delighted and indulged in a soon to be menu item to a new eatery on the pier. We had a shareable combo of Sausage, Shrimp, Clams, Crab Legs, Potatoes, and Corn on the cob in a buttery garlic sauce which was finger lickin’ yum! Such flavor and freshness in this seafood! We added a buttery lobster taco to our dining mix of seafood. Fresh lobster tossed in Old Bay butter with lettuce, cheese, tomato, and sour cream. The Cocoa Beach Pier has it all! The Riki Tiki has live music, insane views, fabulous vacation drinks, and food. The high quality food in the restaurants and Sea Dogs at the Boardwalk has something for everyone! It truly is happiness! Next time, we might make a mini vacay out of it and hit the beach the next day! I’ve heard that there is a great place to stay, I will have to check out Westgate Cocoa Beach Resort to see what everyone’s raving about. (Side Note: Big shout out to the Pasta Straws to replace the plastic or paper. They are amazing! Save the turtles!)

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