Real Deal Mexican Food, Dude!

Il Indio Mexican Chicken Platter

This is the real deal Mexican food, dude! This is not a drill! Check out our latest discovery! If your on the hunt for a fresh and delicious spot with flavorful Mexican food, this is the ticket! For me, I absolutely love to go out for a margarita, chips and salsa. Those are the only things that I will typically judge a Mexican restaurant. I only say this because there is never a big variation in food flavors unless you have homemade tortillas (all about that) or table side guacamole. A taco is a taco. But my son’s friend was Mexican and we were lucky enough to be invited over for a BBQ. That, my friend, was my first experience at real Mexican cuisine. There was not a cup of sour cream in sight or shredded cheese. Traditionally, you use a tortilla to pull your meat and onions that were grilled to make a “sandwich”. It is all about the spices and grill on the meat.

Margaritas & Churros to Boot!

We had heard that this little unassuming place in Melbourne, El Indio, was the real deal. It really is the closest that I have come to “the real deal” Mexican food in a long time. Mind you, it’s not a fancy joint. However, It is probably one of the cleanest eateries I have ever been to, unbelievably spotless. We tried the margaritas, TGIF! At times, I am leary of anything pre-mixed, these were actually really good. They were not super sweet. So, I loved these salted rim fish bowls of tequila! Trying the Polla Asada which is marinated charcoal chicken breast was my choice. It’s served with the expected sides of rice and beans, a grilled onion, pico de gallo, guacamole, and warm tortillas. I was kind of roped into trying dessert and have no regrets except for the extra calories! This churro killed it. I think there may have been pudding inside of this warm, cinnamon coated fresh bite of insanity! Who knows! But I absolutely will not share next time!

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