The Local Colombian Bakery

Colombia Harvest Bakery Breakfast Sammy

You probably drive by an amazing little local Colombian bakery every day and don’t even know it….many of you in the greater Palm Bay area anyway. This little gem of a bakery is right off Palm Bay Rd near Harris tucked away in a strip mall. And on a Saturday morning, it’s quite bustling. Why? The owners are the bakers and they are from Colombia, they clearly know their stuff! I have stopped by a few times and picked up Colombianito or coffee with milk. This stuff is good. It’s ground fresh and will have you zooming all day! This weekend before heading out for the day, I popped in for a few breakfast bites to go and maybe something for later. Not knowing what I wanted, I couldn’t wait to see what sparked my interest.

Breakfast To Go

Breakfast to go was first order, but The Colombian Harvest Bakery does not have a website so I wasn’t sure what to get going in. I definitely had to choose with my eyes when I got there. I might add, this is hard to do! So many goodies!!! A variety of empanadas is always a favorite in my house. And here they are made to order. No pre-made’s at this joint! Not only do they offer a beef and chicken, but also the guava and cheese. So, you may have to wait a minute, but it’s well worth it! This morning I picked up a breakfast sammy to go and a pastry (no judgment)! The breakfast sandwich is on served on fresh bread pressed with ham and cheese with other authentic spices and sauces. Sometimes you find the best bites in the most unassuming locations. This local Colombian bakery is absolutely no exception. Pop in and give them a try! (P.S. they have incredible little cookies and even a few of them look perfect for Valentine’s Day!)

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