You Had Me at Brunch

The Fat Snook Deviled Eggs Brunch

You had me at Brunch! It is truly truly my favorite meal of the week! The definition of brunch is a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch. A little fusion of the two meals always make for an interesting menu, don’t you think? For some Chef’s this is an awesome opportunity to get super creative. Some people love Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s or really any creative cocktail with their Sunday Funday brunches. Clearly, that is one of our favorite parts of the experience! This weekend, we were “brunching” at The Fat Snook. And I have to say, our minds were exploding over how many creative dishes they brought for us to taste. And the plating was on point. Beautiful dishes! What a treat! Let’s brunch! But first, coffee and a little cocktail!

Drinks First

We started off with coffee. It may be 12:30, but we still need our java! No judgments! The not so ordinary cocktails were quite creative. The Flamingo Mango Michelada packed a punch with an interesting combo of flavors including a mango nectar habanero. Yep, I said habanero with a michelada mix, Florida pilsner and mango lime. Good stuff! I sipped on the Localmosa with a heritage farm blend, orange blossom honey and champs (my fav)! Now, that we were sippin’ is time for bunching!

Let’s Brunch!

Okay, let’s brunch! We literally toured the menu at The Fat Snook. I cannot even define what my favorite dish was because everything was so unique in flavor and very different then most typical brunch menus. I am admitting on the upfront, we had a lot of deliciously sweet items that were very balanced in flavor! First off, the Hawaiian Pull-A-Part Bread is a monkey bread (who didn’t have this as a kid?) is topped with salted caramel coconut with crunchy macadamia nuts. Eye rolling deliciousness and throwback memories with this one! Both of us tried the “Fried Donut Monte Cristo”. It sounds kind of crazy and super sweet, but it is not. I could eat this all day long. If you do have a sweet tooth and love bananas like I do, the “Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast” may be your jam! This was “art on a plate” of french toast topped with Nutella and fresh fruit.

We Are Still Brunching!

The savory dishes at The Fat Snook were genius! Love the creative Chef that is rocking this kitchen! The most unassuming menu item was the “Mexican Street Corn Deviled Eggs”. It is an interesting combo that will make you do a happy dance. Guaranteed! It is prepared in a mold. It has chorizo, tajin, and cojita which equals insane yumminess! Our last but not least dish was the Crab Cakes benny. We decided that the fact that it didn’t come with a bun was a bonus. Why do you need a sad little bun when you’ve got a perfectly poached egg, fresh crab cakes, pork belly, avocado mouse with a roasted poblano hollandaise? Seriously, you don’t. Much thanks to The Fat Snook and the fab service! You don’t have to stalk them for date night reservations, you can always brunch! I am already thinking about my next visit! Cheers to Brunch and all things SundayFunday!

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