And Then There Is A Dining Experience

Venetian Chophouse Sea Bass

There is going out to eat, there is dining out and then there is a dining experience. Yes, these are all very different experiences. The latter is what we surprisingly experienced when meeting up with friends in Orlando. Date night on this occasion was nothing short of spectacular! The ambiance itself is quaint, romantic, and beautiful. As we soon realized, we were in for a AAA 4-Diamond dining experience that would last the evening. We sipped wine, laughed and enjoyed incredible service as our waiter, Mario, became an incredible source of information as we ordered. He made recommendations as we he asked questions about what we liked as he took us through the menu of the Venetian Chophouse. The Venetian Chophouse is located inside the Caribe Royale Hotel, but don’t let that scare you. They validate! Little did we know that a simple dinner for four would turn into a dining experience to remember.

Recommended by Mario

We started off with the recommended by Mario charcuterie board. Our board also had a detailed list of each of the meats and cheeses that we were nibbling on which made for fun conversation. The Venetian Chophouse is well known for their lobster bisque. I am a sucker for a good lobster bisque. Truth be told, I am usually disappointed in the “oversell”. However, no disappointment here. Incredible! Big chunks of lobster with the perfect blending of sherry and cognac flavors popping out. The flaky crust that it was served in definitely helped make it even more spectacular! Because sharing is caring, we had to try the fresh tomato with buffalo mozzarella cheese salad appetizer with friends. This salad was sprinkled with citron sea salt giving it a little extra something. The chilean sea bass was an entree of choice and served with a duet of caviar sauce (that even sounds fancy). We shared the sides of lobster mac and cheese which rocked our worlds. Can you ever have too much chunks of fresh lobster? Our night flew by so quickly. We were laughing, sipping, and enjoying our time together over an amazing meal with friends for over 4 hours. Next time you are in Otown, visit the Venetian Chophouse and ask for Mario. His recommendations are spot on!

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