Chicken Scarpariello & Vino

Pano E Vino Chicken

Chicken Scarpariello and vino are one of my favorite Italian combos. I think its just so fresh, light in flavor with a relaxing vibe! Yet the dish itself is packed with flavor. The protein is well seasoned in Italian spices and nestled lemon and buttery angel hair pasta. The Chicken Scarpariello can also include Italian sausage (yum!), artichokes and red sweet peppers. Who can resist this amazing little combo? Couple this with a fabulous little red wine and you have a meal reminiscent of a night in Italy. Did I go too far in my Italian imagery flashback? Maybe, but we have a cool little spot right here in Melbourne that has just a hint of the Old World. It is my favorite local Italian go to for a really relaxing night with one of my favorite light Italian dishes. Their house wine (and I am a bit of a wine snob) is perfect with Chicken Scarpariello.

Traditional Italian

The warm traditional Italian feel and old world charm is why I love Pano E Vino. Traditional Italian cookies during the holidays can be found here (authentic) and where I can be found on a perfectly perfect Melbourne night sipping wine. Oh, not to be missed is one of my favorite little side notes about Pano E Vino. Do you like red wine? Cabernet Savignons to be exact? Well, quite unexpectedly the house Cab is quite delicious and priced nicely to share a bottle for the table. Whatever your authentic Italian dish fav is, I think you will quite enjoy your experience and dish as much as we do. Please note, Pano E Vino only has a Facebook page, so stop in and pick up a cannoli to go and check out the menu if your shy. Fun fact: Pano E Vino in Italian is “bread and wine”

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