Curbside Never Tasted So Good!

Hemingway's Tavern To Go

Curbside never tasted so good especially when you have been self distancing for days! As you may know, we love to eat out! It’s not just about the food, it’s about the experience. What we love most is meeting up with friends, conversation, relaxation and the environment outside in the “world”. The world which can be taken for granted when it is always at your fingertips. Curbside is now a big treat when your world suddenly changes. Especially when you are the opposite of a homebody, it can make you a little stir crazy. It can also make you even more grateful for some really awesome food. Food that you didn’t make and stand around your kitchen as a “non-cook” scratching your head trying to figure out what is for dinner tonight. When I realized that while I was self distancing and staying close to home, that didn’t mean that I couldn’t still eat at some of our favorite restaurants. This week, I grabbed my dog Macey and we headed for some awesome eats at Hemingway’s Tavern.

Empanadas and the Key West Bowl

Empanadas and the Key West bowl with Mojo Pork are just a few of my favorite things that are my “go-to’s” off of Hemingway’s Tavern menu. I was adding Hemingway’s Tavern to the Brevard Restaurant update post and noticed that they were offering their full menu. Woot! Woot and knew that was what was on tap for dinner! No soup for me! So, I have to tell you how yummy these flaky empanadas are filled with mojo pork and served with a guava BBQ sauce. To die for! And My entree go to is the Key West Bowl which is such a comfort food packed with pulled pork, jasmine rice, chimichurri sauce, black beans, pineapple and fried plantains. We also added the “untraditional” dish of a linguini carbonara for the pasta junkie in our house. I got a two thumbs up on that dish! So, a happy curbside experience all around and I didn’t have to cook! #staysafe #weareinthistogether

2 thoughts on “Curbside Never Tasted So Good!

  1. We just called Hemingway’s and they have “ceased operations” as of thi morning 🙁

  2. I know. I saw this. So very sad. More and more local restaurants are closing. 🙄 Let’s hope that we see them on the flip side.

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