Self Isolation Gone Wild!

Wild Florida Drive Thru Safari Cars and Cows

Is self isolation making you want to pull your hair out yet? Are you fixated on Netflix’s The Tiger King and wondering after watching that if you will have any brain cells left? Are your kids making you appreciate your boss and their teachers more than you ever thought possible? I have a solution for you! Self isolate in your car, driving thru a safari! Do it, you will have a blast! It is definitely the epitome of self isolation gone wild! It’s super easy. I did this with a friend, but I can only imagine how much the kiddos would love it. We grabbed coffee and headed out to Wild Florida on Saturday morning. I highly recommend that you get there early. We got right in, but when we left the line was definitely getting long. Paying online ahead of time is also a preferable option!

View From A Sunroof

The view from the sunroof was totally awesome! I won’t lie, I stood up on the seat and stuck my head out of the window to feel the amazing hot Florida summer sun on my face and get the best view of the animals that I could. A very decompressing experience! The gazelle’s were actually one of my favorite animals. However, I did not get a great picture of them. They are fast and furious. The energy is incredible. I thought how I would love to have that kind of energy and their long lanky legs! I can’t share this day near Otown’s Wild Florida’s Drive Thru Safari without mentioning our stop for an unusual treat. If I could recall the location I would, but there is a road side stand in the middle of nowhere with hot boiled peanuts. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab a bucket! They were delish and super inexpensive!

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