Taco Tuesday!

El Chico Burrito

It’s Taco Tuesday and you can get it go! Mexican cuisine is by far one that I crave and I crave it often! I love the salty chips, spicy salsa and the house-made Margaritas! Oh, and don’t forget the sour cream cheese! I have always found that Mexican cuisine is a form of comfort food providing the best atmosphere to enjoy with friends. It’s just fun everything! While we are in #selfdistancing mode, that doesn’t mean you have to ditch your Taco Tuesday fix! I had heard that El Chico Mexican Restaurant had some tasty queso and burritos! Last Tuesday, as most everyone else right now I am working from home. I usually eat a sad little lunch at my desk. Throwing in the towel, I ordered a Chicken Burrito with the traditional sides (you know what they are!). The rumors were true, such a tasty Taco Tuesday! And I have to say, the queso was incredible!! I cannot wait to go back, grabbing some friends and checking out other items on this traditional American Mexican menu! Don’t miss out on your favs, support local! Go local! #weareallinthistogether

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