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Cocktail recipes were the name of the game on this week’s Space Coast Eats Podcast Episode (04/16/20). Dragan made several cocktails for Jesse and myself live in the Space Coast Podcast Studios! They were delish! Not only were they delish, but they were flippin’ summer fresh, “get out your beach blanket and sunglasses because summer is right around the corner” cocktails. He even made a few after the camera’s and the mike’s were turned off. He walked our listeners through the ingredients and some great tips on how to balance a cocktail as well as great garnish ideas. He is incredibly passionate about what he does. He is articulate and he knows his stuff! If you missed this episode, you can always catch it on Apple, Stitcher, Spotify or most anywhere you like to podcast.

We promised to share a few of the cocktail recipes that Dragan prepared on this episode and also let you know that if you would like to connect with Dragan for any type of virtual cocktail training or to schedule any training post quarantine, please contact me directly and I will share his info. . I promise you will not regret!

Jalapeno Margarita

Mescal tequila and jalapeno. margarita
Muddled jalapeno p. Whole cilantro, squeeze lime
3 parts of tequila
1 part of Cointreau
1 part of agave syrup(simple syrup)
Shaken with ice in the margarita(rock glass) with salt or not.


3 parts cachasa rum
1 part of orange liqueur
Whole muddled lime and pineapple,shaken with Ice.
Pour in rock glass with lime and grilled pineapple garnish.

Next Week’s Space Coast Eats

Our next podcast is Thursday, April 23rd with Jenny from Ember & Oak. We will chat about one of Jesse’s favorite subjects, Meal Kits! They are perfect during #quarantine. Catch it live on Space Coast Eats Facebook page at 5PM!

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