DIY Your Own Pizza To Go Go!

Pizza to go go and you can have so much fun assembling it yourself in a jiff! We make pizzas quite a bit on our Kamado Joe which is similar to the Big Green Egg. On this grill, it provides a home wood fired pizza. We always buy all of these different toppings for our pizzas, but that can be a lot of toppings and they don’t always stay fresh in between making pizzas! I hate throwing food out just because we didn’t use it and I am a expiration date nazi! If it’s expired, it goes in file 13! That’s why a pizza to go in a DIY meal kit is such a fabulous idea! This week we knew that we were having Ember and Oak on our Podcast. They offer several meal kits and the Pizza to go was on their list! I popped in and picked one up just to give it a whirl. How crazy fun would this be for a family? It has 4 sourdough pizza dough balls which makes a pizza larger than what you may think on a personal pizza size.

Behold, The Toppings!

Behold, the toppings a plenty! In our yummy meal kit, we had so many toppings that we even made two awesome omelettes the next day! Every item is packaged separately for easy decorating and storing! You too will get fresh tomato sauce,basil leaves, shredded Parmesan, sliced mozzarella, fresh ricotta (so good), bechamel sauce, olive oil, oregano, sea salt, wild mushrooms, sauteed spinach, pepperoni, sausage and crumbled bacon. To be honest, I have to say that the wild mushrooms, sausage and fresh ricotta were my absolute favs! They were incredibly delish and something that I don’t know that I would be buying this quality even if I was looking to get my own ingredients at a store. This is such a fun way to make pizzas! Check out Ember and Oak, they have evolved during this time from our initial Friday Night Date Night to a fabulous marketplace with wood fired bakery items, family style dinner boxes and so much more!

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