Space Coast Eats: Josh, the Fat Angel Shares Eats on the Streets

Space Coast Eats Fat Angel

Space Coast Eats latest podcast (04/30/20) features a fellow podcaster, Josh. He shares with Jesse and I a very cool new endeavor. Josh saw a need in our homeless and excess of food that would potentially go to waste. He connected the dots finding a solution for both. In doing so, he became The Fat Angel. With the closing of schools due to Covid-19, there was abundance of food within the public school system. At the same time, The Space Coast continues to see an increase in homelessness. Once The Fat Angel, recognized this he found a solution. He became the solution. Providing these excess school lunch and more to our homeless became his mission. He began seeking them out. In doing so, he also found that he has a genuine interest in their stories. To listen to our full podcast, it is available on Stitcher, Apple, Spotify or anywhere you podcast! You can also connect directly with Josh and be a part of the story,

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