Perfect Pretzels

Perfect pretzels fresh out of the oven became a “thing” during quarantine. To be honest, a company started “stalking” me on my Facebook. The ads said that they had pretzels that would arrive right on my doorstop that I could store in my freezer. Once they were in my freezer, I could pull them out, slather them in melted butter and sea salt. Once the slathering was completed, I could pop them in the oven for 4 minutes. They were guaranteed to be the most deliciously perfect pretzel. With quarantine in full swing and in need of something completely different, I bought the bullet and made the purchase! The Eastern Standard Provision Turnbuckle pretzels are spot on and a complete do over!

How We Do It!

And this is how we do it! We got two packages of turnbuckle’s with our order. These are super delicious treats! And so easy to prepare! Once you pull them out of the freezer, let them defrost. This can take only about 30 minutes, they are bread! Slather them with your melted butter, sprinkle the sea salt that comes with the pretzels and pop in the oven. Wah-lah! The waffling smell coming from the oven even brings Macey to the kitchen! She is always a lover of all things meat and carbs!

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