Space Coast Eats: Grimaldi Candy Company Chats Eats and Sweets

Space Coast Eats sweetest episode (05/07/20) to date features Jim Frazier, the owner of Grimaldi Candy Company. The timing is perfect as Mother’s Day is just around the corner. And what Mom doesn’t love chocolate? Did you know that Grimaldi has samples so that you can pick and choose your customized chocolate boxes? Once you have your box packed, you can even choose additional gifts like totally adorable tea towels, VINrella Umbrella’s (a wine bottle umbrella) and more. Jim shared the history of the Space Coast original and locally owned candy company. Grimaldi Candy Company is also known for their delicious chocolate dipped potato chips. With that said, I tasted my very first dark chocolate dipped potato chip on the air. It was crunchy, sweet and salty!

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