Patio Cocktails, Plant Based Eats & Yucca Fries

For the love of Phase 1, our first cocktails outside in a real restaurant also included plant based eats! Because my son is visiting from Orlando and a vegetarian, I wanted to find a great local joint. I totally scored last week. I have seen pictures on social media (see it works) of amazing patio pictures with great food! When I checked out the menu, I noticed that they offered several plant based items. Not only is the sammy plant based, but they grill the Beyond Brat with Peppers and Onions on the Big Green Egg. However, I was very excited to have just about anything that I didn’t cook. Also, I cannot remember just hanging out with my son and enjoying a gorgeous day. The garden, the patio and the vibe is ridiculous! How have I missed this? Add in the Yucca Fries, Street Corn( a little sriracha kick), Peanut Butter Martini, really cool IPA’s and it’s winner winner, chicken dinner at 4th Street Fillin’ Station.

Pineapple Smoosh & Peanut Butter Martini

The Pineapple Smoosh is dry hopped with vanilla bean and pineapple puree. It’s refreshing and the perfect IPA for the summer. It’s perfect for chilling in an Adirondack chair on the patio, which you can totally take advantage of at 4th Street. I was surprised with a fabulous martini which sounded weird at the time, but I was not disappointed. The Peanut Butter martini is made with Screwball Whiskey and Chambord, then shake, shake, shake! While my son was enjoying his plant based brat, I went full on meat with a bourbon and chicken hand held. This is perfect with my scrumptious martini! I hope that we start seeing more plant based joints opening on the Space Coast. We cannot wait to go back to 4th Street Fillin’ Station for brunch! We have been teased for months by @spacecoastbeacheats with all of her amazing pictures! Thank you for getting us out of quarantine and back to “the real world”.

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