Boat Access to Beach Eats, Jams & Pina Coladas

Boat access to beach eats, locally talented musicians and Pina Coladas is a bonus to our Coast! We live in most likely the country’s longest County, do we not? Oh yeah, a county that has major access to water with a variety of eclectic restaurants with docks. As a boater, we are always on the look out for a place to pull up, park and enjoy. But we want boat access that makes sense. This weekend, we jumped in the boat heading straight to Captain Hiram’s Sand Bar in Sebastian. Great beach eats, music and Pina Coladas are always on tap. They have easy to access with a dock crew ready to help! We can always depend on them to help us “park” the boat and tie it up safely. After our feet hit that dock, we are suddenly on a mini vacay! When you go, you might want to pinch yourself just to make sure you weren’t transported to a tropical island resort. Heading down the dock comes the rest of the story….

Beach Eats

Now, for the good stuff! The beach eats! We almost always go for the Old Bay Saltwater Peel N Eat Shrimp. Why? Because they are Jumbo and delicious and everything is better with Old Bay. The shrimp tacos were some of the best we have ever had with cabbage, cilantro aioli and pico. Add a squeezed lime and wah-lah! Throw in a Rolling Rock Beer for him and a Pina Colada with Myers Rum for me, perfection. (Side note: Myers rum is the key to any kick ass Pina Colada) Combo that with a talented artist singing “Don’t Worry About A Thing” and you have me! The musicians are always on par at Captain Hiram’s Sand Bar, but we totally lucked out this time! Vern Daysel is super talented and focuses on southern rock music. Vern has been added to a list of local artist that we definitely “stalk” to see where he will be playing. It’s days like this that I am so thankful to live in Florida! Boating to Captain Hiram’s is great fun for us, but taking US1 is a straight shot and so many cool spots down Grant and Sebastian that you won’t want to miss. Enjoy your world in which you live each day!

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