Space Coast Eats: Shakin’ It Up with Crush XI

Our Space Coast Eats: Shaking It Up with Crush XI epsiode was packed with fun, fabulous craft cocktails and a delicious charcuterie board. Ryan and Denise from Crush XI joined Jesse and I in the podcast studio to catch us up on what has going on at Crush XI and Downtown Melbourne. We had a total blast during the show, but also were able to catch up before and after while setting up our “make shift” studio bar.

Crush XI also provided a $75 GIFT CARD for a fabulously fun Giveaway. The Rules and Details can be found and followed on the Space_Coast_Eats Instagram page (Not be be confused with the Space.coast.eats Insta)

If you missed our episode, tune it for all the fun. It’s available anywhere you Podcast like Spotify, Stitcher, Apple, ITunes. Search under Space Coast Podcast, Space Coast Eats.

We thought we would share some fun behind the scenes pictures!

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